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"When I searched for a transcription solution to help manage my transcription business, I knew that it would have to be user friendly, reliable, cost-effective and SECURE. I found all of this and more in MetroScript. I've had 8 clients, 29 dictators and 13 transcriptionists accessing the site on a daily basis for the past year; with that volume, the problems have been insignificant and have been solved within minutes by the responsive team at MetroScript. When I've introduced a client to MetroScript, it's always been with the option to continue doing business as usual if they're not happy with a one-week trial of MetroScript. No one has ever chosen to leave MetroScript. As for me, I never want to go back to business as I did it before MetroScript."

Fran Gaudsmith

"After having used two other transcription system providers and researching countless others, MetroScript is by far the most comprehensive and least expensive solution. My branded website along with your detailed dictation and transcription system has made my business unstoppable in the world of digital medical transcription."

Lesly Kenney
Streamline Digital Transcription, Ltd.

"Starting a transcription business was a frightening experience. I had no idea where to begin. I investigated numerous hosting possibilities and finally selected Metroscript, and I have been nothing less than pleased with every aspect of the service I have received!

The upload/download site is user friendly to both myself, my employees, and my clients. My business requires the utmost in security, and Metroscript provides this as a standard feature. In addition, Metroscript is ALWAYS eager to assist me in any way. They provide expedient service and answers to any question I pose regardless of how trivial they might seem to me. Their staff is consistently cordial and eager to please. With all that Metroscript has to offer, their rates are surprisingly competitive and affordable. This was a key factor in my choice of Metroscript over the other transcription system companies I had reviewed, but this turned out to be just the icing on the cake.

I would certainly recommend Metroscript's transcription solutions to any business of any size!"

Alicia McLeod, owner
DataBase Transcription

"MetroScript has given me the opportunity to grow and provide my transcription customers with a very easy place to transfer files. Not only are they extremely reliable, but they are almost always accessible if there is a need reach them. I'm sure they have plenty of customers, but the staff at MetroScript have always treated me as though I was their only customer. I am very happy with their service and would recommend it to anyone!"

Kresta Glaser
Omniscribe Transcription Services

"You guys continue to amaze me with the level of customer service you provide. It's impressive that you remembered the issues I am having. I will most definitely recommend your company to my MT friends."

"Hope everything is going well. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me land an account by giving me that extra edge because of the Metroscript transcription system. The regional manager advised me there were many MTs interested and qualified for this account;however, the Metroscript service gave me that competitive edge. Again, thank you for providing an affordable service for us home-based MTSOs."

Y. P.
Medwork Services

"I migrated my clients from a Philips digital transcription system that had been in service for about eight years and only had 8 phone lines and 15 hours of total recording time. Dictation could only be saved for one day, not the 30 days that Metroscript provides. My clients love the fact that the dictation system never fills up. It is also extremely easy to download any dictation that needs to be done immediately. My favorite feature, though, by far, is the superior quality of the voice recordings. The dictation is clear and the volume is excellent. I have some clients who dictate at a whisper, so it is wonderful to be able to crank up the volume. Whenever I have a question it is always answered promptly and courteously. Using the internet also means that clients can come from anywhere, not just my home town. It also means I can keep my clients if I move to another town myself."

Virgina Bartlam
The Right Image

"You would not believe some of the "transcription systems" on the market for doctors and MTs ... we would need advanced degrees in rocket science to navigate through it all just to type a report.   One of the reasons I chose MetroScript is that, among others, it offers 2 important things ... state-of-the-art technology AND simplicity. Both of these are important marketing tools."

Christina Urban
Pinnacle Transcription, LLC

"You folks provide a super service; much better than the one we were using before. Your product and pricing are both vastly superior to anything else I've found. You offer more features, yet my costs have been halved."

Deborah Levinson
Aces Up Medical Service

"I just wanted to mention that I told another MT in my area how much I love your transcription solutions and it sounds like she may be coming on board with you! I know you will make her as welcome as you did me."

Julie Fensom

"I just wanted to thank you for being such a reliable transcription solution for my business. It was exactly a year ago when my in house equipment crashed and I was in a panic and you actually phoned me back on Saturday evening the night before Easter and had me up and running the next day. I couldn't have survived without you. I got my equipment back up and running but have kept you as a reliable backup since then and the peace of mind knowing I have that is priceless. I am starting to get more and more clients who want to upload digital voice files to us and rather than go through the normal procedure with FTP I was doing, I am having them all upload to your site - easy, reliable and secure. Thank you Metroscript!"

Vickie F.
Transcribe It!

"Thanks so much for all your help today. I must say that this was the absolute easiest transcription system I ever had to work with and am so sorry I didn’t do it sooner!!!"

TypeForce Transcription
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