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Pricing Basic Business
One-Time Setup Fee $25 $50
Monthly Minimum Cost $14.95 $14.95
Monthly Surcharge None $11.95
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# Additional User Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
File Upload 1 $0.34 per MB $0.34 per MB
Toll-Free Phone-In 2 $0.12 per minute $0.12 per minute
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1 File upload via browser, includes uploaded voice files recorded using digital hand held recorders and uploaded transcribed documents. Files for the current month and previous two months are saved; others are purged automatically. Extended archiving is available for an additional fee.

2 Phone-in dictation via toll-free number. Toll-free phone number is available for the U.S.A. and Canada only. A toll ("local") phone number can be accessed internationally.
More Details
Basic Service includes use of the phone-in dictation feature plus file upload via browser. If the sum of your monthly usage for phone-in dictation at $0.12/minute plus file uploads via the browser at $0.34/MB is less than $14.95, then your monthly charge is $14.95 for basic service. Your service is accessed by you and your clients via

Business Service includes website "branding," which lets you showcase the service as your own business. Your service is accessed via You can control parameters of your site (colors, logo, verbiage) via a web-based interface. This is an excellent way to market YOUR business. See Rocky Mountain Transcription for an example.
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transcription applications and software
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