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MetroScript supports dictation via digital handheld recorders or via phone-in.

Any audio file format can be uploaded into MetroScript.

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Hardware Recommendations

Digital Handheld Recorders

To record dictation you can use the MetroScript phone-in dictation system or a digital handheld recorder.

The digital recorders are just like the small recorders of old, except that there are no more tapes - your voice is saved to memory on the recorder, in digital format. This allows you to upload the digital audio file to the MetroScript service so that the transcriptionist can download it to their PC.

Since MetroScript charges for file uploads based on file size, it is best to use digital recorders that produce the smallest audio files.

Based on a poll of our user base, the best recorders for the job are the Sony and Olympus recorders. These recorders produce very small audio files with amazing clarity.

telephone dictation recorders

You should look for Sony recorders that create DVF files or Olympus recorders that create DSS files. Below are some web sites to learn more about digital recorders and to purchase.

Olympus Web Site
Sony Web Site (various manufacturers)

Foot Pedal Systems

To control the play back of the audio files (dictations), it is best to use a foot pedal system.

A foot pedal system gives you the ability to pause, rewind, and fast forward the audio using foot pedals, so that your hands are freed up for typing.

Phone in dictation hardware

According to a poll of our client base, the most popular foot pedal in the industry is the WAVPedal System. It is compatible with all of the common audio formats and has proven to be a reliable hardware platform.

The WAVPedal can connect to your PC via a serial port or a USB port. It includes software which you must install on your PC (Windows only).

To learn more about the WAVPedal or purchase one, visit

Toll free dictation system

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transcription applications and software
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