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MetroScript, Inc. -- Transcription Application Service Provider (TASP)

Dictation using digital recorders or the state-of-the-art MetroScript phone-in system.

Secure online portal available to users worldwide.

Create unlimited number of user accounts instantly and for free.

Cut down on your digital dictation and transcription costs by eliminating tapes and commuting and saving on gas.

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Getting Started

The transcription business process in the "non-digital world" can be quite cumbersome and inefficient.  MetroScript provides an intelligent dictation solution -- a more efficient way of doing business using the latest digital transcription applications and the power and convenience of the Internet.

digital dictation systems

Now your users can reside anywhere in the world. There is no longer a need for the transcriptionist and the person doing the dictation to be in close proximity to each other.

digital transcription solutions

digital transcription systems

The following steps are all that is required to use the MetroScript service:

  1. Dictation via handheld recorder (and audio files uploaded to MetroScript) or dictation via phone-in system.
  2. Transcriptionist downloads audio files to his/her PC.
  3. Transcriptionist listens to audio and types the report (transcription).
  4. Transcriptionist uploads the finished report to MetroScript.
  5. End user downloads the report from MetroScript.

The first step to getting started is to sign up today. The sign up fee is minimal and there is no binding contract!

In less than 24 hours you'll receive your new MetroScript account that puts you on your way to digital transcription freedom. After that, start creating your user accounts (free of charge) and you're on your way.

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transcription applications and software
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